Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reason #126 Why I Dislike Sleeping

Reason 126 Why I Can't and Dislike Sleeping: I finally went to our bed and it was so quiet and peaceful...was out in about a minute but woke up in one second. GERD is the name and keeping me awake is it's game. GERD sneeks up on my when I am most vulnerable. I woke up to gagging, choking and burning in my throat. I came downstairs like a cat running to the sound of food in their bowl.

So, this is why I am seeing the gastro and having an endoscopy done. Looking for a hiatal hernia that could be causing all the GERD issues plus my heart rate increasing like pro basketball player dribbling the ball slowly then out of nowhere it's bouncing so fast that it amazes oneself. When food goes down it can get stuck due to swelling and push against the hernia which then pushes against the heart causing the rapid Heart rate. The more and more I have the fire burning dragon stuff come up the worse my throat with inflammation gets causing a chain reaction.

She is also checking for Barrett's esophagus and Strictures (scarring due to GERD and causes food to get stuck which is why I've hardly been eating anything) . Oh and my grandmother who passed a few months ago had all of this plus several other health issues I have. It all skipped my mom and I got it. So, the breast cancer scares the crap out of me knowing I already have had just about everything she has had. One HUGE reason my Dr. has had me get mammograms once a year for the past several years. I have lots of those boobie bumpies but nothing serious, knock on wood.

Ok, so waking up w/GERD prompted me to write this long novel that all of you are reading. Sorry about that, lol!

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